Monday, April 11, 2011

Salt Pond Bay

Salt Pond Beach

Movin on again. I must say this is one of the bays high up on our list of places to be.
5 Park moorings, with no anchoring, so there can never be more than 5 boats. White sand, reef on both sides and middle, diving off Booby Rock and Concordia Eco Village up on the hill with a wonderful restaurant.  Truly Paradise. It was quite a trek up thru the brush along a narrow, hard to find trail to the eco village,

I guess it's this way ?

But with reservations for dinner, they sent a car down to the bay to pick us up and delivered us back. And the food along with the incredible view was amazing.

Eco Village above Salt Pond beach

 In this bay it was a toss up between snorkelling or swimming at the beach, so for 5 days we did both.

 Snorkelling on this reef we saw some fish we had not seen before as well as 3 different kinds of rays and many turtles.

Scrawled Filefish

Blue Head Wrasse

Yellow Tail Damselfish

Spotted Ray
Spotted Eagle Ray
Momma Turtle
Regular ray
sea slug
Swimming with the Turtles
Hawksbill Turtle

We even took the $1.00 bus up over the top of the island into Cruz Bay to see the sites and some shopping. Now that's quite the experience, more like a roller coaster ride, in some spots the bus stopped as there was not enough room for 2 vehicles to pass, blowing its horn as it went around the hairpin turns. I don't think there was a single  stretch of road that was straight for any longer than 500 ft.
Cruz Bay style parking
While sitting watching the sunset in Salt Pond, we hear a guy on the radio asking if anyone has their radio on. Thinking he wanted a radio check Gird answered. Instead he wanted to know if anyone knew the heading for St Martaan. He was currently in Tortola BVI and thought he'd go to St Martaan overnight, but didn't know the way and was looking for directons.  Can you believe there are boaters like that. Take off ino the dark on the open ocean and ask another boater for a heading instead of having charts or gps.
It's very surprising you don't hear about more disasters at sea.

Well all things miust come to an end.... Next stop Coral Harbour for supplies.

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