Thursday, February 18, 2010

Save the Turkey

All boats love those quiet, peaceful anchorages. We were enjoying just such a bay when we heard a sound that cruisers everywhere dread. Rattle, clank, clank, rattle, rattle and then smoke. The Generator! We’re still quick on our feet for old guys and had her shut down almost before we could gasp “ Oh No” We’ve been working on all the self sufficiency stuff and so have 2 great new solar panels which will keep all our house batteries topped up. BUT… the refrigeration runs strictly off the genny. What were the original owners thinking, a great 140 Hp Yanmar turbo main engine and it doesn’t charge anything but it’s own start battery.

Back to that fridge/freezer problem, Ice, let’s load her up, pile the top of the fridge and freezer with pillows and head back to Crown Bay Marina and find Joe and Chris.

We were just cruising into the channel when we spotted Joe and said “Save our Turkey”

Good news (the Genny) wasn’t dead, just sick. A slow salt water drip at a clamp on the non service side had caused major corrosion and totally blew the manifold. Joe’s amazing and five days later we’re up and running again.

Yeah!!! Way down in the bottom of the freezer the steak, chicken and The Turkey are still frozen solid. Joe has saved the day.

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