Saturday, February 6, 2010


Fishing’s a wonderful pastime aboard a boat, after all, the water with the fish in it is right there underneath you. So Gord thru the line out. Next thing we know 2 of those little shark-looking fish are giving his lure a hard time. He fights, he loses and it gets away. With the fishing rod propped in the flag-pole holder, we go off to bed. About 5 am there’s a bit of commotion -- Oh no, someone’s on our boat! Pirates, Dinghy thieves, What??

Nope, that fish that thought he’d got away, came back for a second look-see and wasn’t so lucky the second time around. Gord heard the commotion and went au-naturel to investigate. I myself slept right thru it all.

When I awoke, he announced the prize he had caught for dinner that night. What do you mean shark? That terrible menacing looking one we saw several times stalking us directly beneath the boat!.

Turns out it’s called a Remora, or shark-sucker.

The weird suction cups on its head are used for attaching itself to sharks, turtles, large fish, skin divers (Oh Gross) and boat bottoms, where it feasts off the leftover scraps of its host fish. I guess it hopes the skin diver will drop a twinkie or something. I hate to think what he’s getting from the bottom of our boat -- Yuck!

Anyway, he’s about 3 ft long and very ugly! Gord ate him, for supper, \I refused.

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