Sunday, February 2, 2014

Almost like being on the hard!

It's rigging time, so we are back on the dock at Compass Point Marina with our mast held up by 6 stays instead of 10. Good news is, it's a sheltered marina, so the winds are not likely to blow it over while we replace them a couple at a time. The best news is that I don't have to go up the mast, (Just help crank or tail for those that do) that's a riggers job. 
Skip - Rigger with a particularly difficult fitting that just defied all attempts at removal

Were also getting shiny new lifelines and putting solid ones on the back sides up to the gate area. More places to hang stuff!!!

finishing touches
working on the lifelines

Its kind of like being on the hard, chores everyday and nowhere to swim.
There is a small dockside bar and we've enjoyed a few cold ones and met some locals and liveaboards.
The lifelines look great and we also have new running and nav lights, thanks to Carlo- our electrician.

New spreader lights- Thanks Carlo

The rigging another issue, overbooked and cannot finish all he is supposed to do, the main is done but he did not touch the mizzen, which was actually in worse shape. Told us and gave us a quote as all included, then got anxious to move to the next job and just announced he was finished.  However he won't get paid any more than Gord has already given him until it is finished and it will have to be done at anchor.

Anyway,  we are out of here in the morning, off to pick up Judy in Charlotte Amailie , and find a friendly bar for superbowl. Then out to have some much earned FUNNNN

all three hard at work

What did I do, you ask?   I made new dinghy chaps in between fetching, carrying and locating the things that only I seem to know the whereabouts thereof. Maybe because no one else ever puts their stuff away, making lunch, cleaning up and tailing n cranking everytime someone needed to go up the mast.   And last but not least zipping the windows and shutting the hatches, then opening them again in about 5 mnutes on a repetitious basis; about 30 times a day as those Caribbean squalls come through like gang busters for abut 3-5 minutes, then the sun comes out again.

I just need a swim!!!!

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