Thursday, April 12, 2012

Everybody Loves a Baby........Maybe

Lamshur Bay was our next destination, on the south side of St John. While at anchor here, a mother dolphin and her baby spend 3 days playing in the water and circling our boat. Lovely to see and a rare treat to get a look at her baby.

We felt a stretch and a hike was in order so we set off on a cloudy day on the 2.4 mile climb to see the Petroglyphs. Carvings in the rocks beside a natural waterfall made by the Tano Indians somewhere between 900- 1500 AD. Well that will be a one time experience, nothing but climbing for over 2 miles on narrow rocky trails in tropical heat. what were we thinking. But we took lunch and had a picnic and the petroglyphs were certainly magical.

Then we deeked into the next Bay, our favorite Salt Pond, which has a fabulous beach and exceptional snorkelling. The baby we say here is not every Moms dream child. A baby shark sleeping soundly on the sand in just 10 feet of water. Understandably we resisted the urge to go snuggle.

Here we met Kevin, on his Shannon and enjoyed a great chat and a couple of cold ones. He's from across Lake Ontarion at Youngstown and has been down here almost a year single handing his boat. Picks up that mooring ball by himself much better than the 8-10 people aboard most moorings charters.

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