Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We're Backkkk!

We’ve arrived finally.

The drive away car down to Florida was smooth and uneventful. I have to say I just love their serius radio. Unfortunately there is no coverage for the Caribbean yet, so we’ll just have to make do with the stereo and mp3 player.

Flew Spirit Air into St Thomas, us and our 8 bags. I’m promising myself less luggage next year.

We arrived to pouring rain and like most airports in this sunny south, you deplane down the stairs and walk across the tarmac ( No shelter) However the warm Caribban rain was actually welcome after the cold and snow back home. What the heck! It’s just water.

A quick hello to Joe at Crown Bay and then my first dip in the pool…….Decadence

Met a nice couple holidaying on Virgin Gorda on the ferry going over. Once again breezed thru customs and then arrived at our “luxury $100+ a night accommodation” where we sprayed and taped the gaps in the windows and doors in an attempt to keep out the No-Seeums. First 2 nights without air conditioning and no water pressure, but now we are enjoying the coolest of cool in our new “luxury Room” where we repeat the above mentioned No-Seeum and mosquito preventative measures.

”Ocean Wings” she held up pretty good considering a hurricane passed right overhead. May need some work on the cockpit cover next year , it had sagged and rain had pooled in several spots causing some damp air to seep into the Aft cabin, so there was a little film of mold on a few of the walls. So the Sun Pac Mildecide ( only good for 6 months) did a really good job considering we left her alone for 8 months. There was no sign of bugs or critters, again that mildecide at work. There were no leaks anywhere and that is amazing for any boat much less a 1987. There was no damage anywhere on the boat so we are counting our blessings.

Whoops 1 little snag, our spare dinghy motor was repaired by the marine and was supposed to be locked on the back railing, but it’s nowhere to be found. Apparently there were 3 motors stolen and 6 boats broken into last summer and guess who’s motor disappeared, Good news is that the local police did find one , same make and model as ours but it’s so dirty and bashed we honestly can’t tell if its ours or not. Gord’s getting pretty buddy buddy with the local constabulary , which is definitely not a bad thing and we’re hoping they’ll turn it over to us in the next few days.

For now we’re ”on the hard”working, and now I know why they call it hard. 90 degrees inside and blazing unrelentless sun outside, not to mention those pesky No-Seeums

Then everything hauled up a 16 rung ladder and hoisted aboard, including any water to wash and scrub the boat.

The hair is tangled from the constance wind, the fingernails are dirty, my skin looks like I’ve been pepper sprayed with No-Seeum bites and then I get to go back and take a trickle shower.
                                                      God! Boating don’t you wish you were here? 


  1. Ahhh yes, the joys of owning a boat. Paradise is surely just around the corner....and certainly far, far away from those irritating bugs that bite. We know why the rum is always gone! Still in Brunswick but taking the boat out for practice today. Gulp!

  2. Glad the boat is keeping you busy. Actually I do wish I was there. Hope it is in the water now. We just got back from skiing--it was freezing cold. Happy sailing, Peter and Thai should be there soon.


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