Friday, December 18, 2009

Can't believe I'm on my way

Well its been 7 weeks now that Gord has been in the Virgin Islands while I worked away up here in the cold. My work is done, I've helped my daughter move and settle in, gathered hundreds of pounds of stuff to go to the boat from a grapefruit knife to 20 lbs of frozen steak. I've driven it to Florida, crashed at my Mom's for a week and managed to get it all shipped and on its way.
 I finally take off tomorrow.
I'll miss my daughter "Tiffany" and grandaughter "Sadie" at Christmas, but definitely will not miss the cold and snow, besides they're planning a trip in January to see this floating retirement for themselves.
Life is getting fun and adventurous again after many years of heartache.
If you're up there in the cold, just close your eyes and pretend you're sailing with us. I'll keep the blogs posted and will include pics when possible, you can feel like you're right there too.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, Fair skies to all!

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  1. Having owned a 32 ft. ketch, I know the enjoyment and freedom that you will be enjoying. May the wind always be at your back and that you will always find a safe harbour in a storm. Freezing my assests off in Toronto. Have a great Christmas !!



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