Monday, October 5, 2009

First Impressions

Our first view of her as we walked the dock , was " O my she's way to big. At 56 ft long she took all the slip and more. She looked a little neglected, as she had not been loved in months and months and had recently just come out of the storage yard.However her lines were awesome and there was a great fully enclosed dodger that looked almost new. Sails with a flaking system and a not bad paint job on the hull.
We were starting to get excited!! She was pretty close to what we had hoped for.Tapping us on the shoulder as we stood there in the dusk dreaming, was a young couple that turned out to be the captain Bill and his girlfriend Stacie that were here to show us thru the boat the next morning. They had assumed by the puppy dog look on our faces and the drool dripping down our chin that we must be the prospective buyers. 
They were fabulous. They invited us to join the on the boat- much to the rokers chagrin- we moved aboard and went island hopping with them for almost 2 weeks.  It convinced us that although there were a bunch of necessay repairs and upgrades, it really was a great boat, sailed well and would be just the one to start our adventure on.
We were hooked and started the buying process.
Bill and Stacie headed home, were hoping that they will come back one of these days and sail with us on the new improved  " Furthur"  now rechristened as " Ocean Wings"

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Sailboat owners Gord and Sue aboard their 55' Whitby Ketch "Ocean Wings" share their adventures and travels as they start their retirement, living their dream of seeing the world from oceanside.
Ocean Wings is a recent purchase and our first foray into the Sailing Lifestyle. We're excited and a little scared. Join us in our adventure.